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Đề thi chuyên anh lớp 10 của trường THPT chuyên Nguyễn Huệ - Hà Nội

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Thời gian làm bài: 120 phú

Thí sinh không được sử dụng bất kỳ loại tài liệu nào kể cả từ điển và điện thoại.


Task 1: You will hear an interview with the television actress Donna Denton. As you listen, choose the best answer by writing into the box below.

1. As a child, Donna started going to dancing classes because                                 .

A. her mother persuaded her to.

B. they were relatively inexpensive.

C. she wanted to be with friends.

2. What did Donna feel when she first went to dancing classes?

A. disappointed by the attitude of the teacher.

B. unconcerned about her position in the class.

C. embarrassed because she was not a good dancer.

3. What did Donna do to get a place at Knightwell Stage School?

A. She took part in a musical show.

B. She got her parents to pay in advance

C. She gave a demonstration of her skills.

4. At stage school, Donna initially had problems because of                                  .

A. the behaviour of other pupils at the school.

B. the amount of time she spent travelling.

C. the need to follow a particular school rule.

5. What does Donna say about her first parts on television?

A. A private teacher helped her find them.

B. They were useful in developing her career.

C. It was easy enough for students to get them.

Task 2: Complete the summary about Donna Denton according to what you hear.

Donna Denton, who has appeared in many successful   television (6)                       ,is not just an actress but also a talented singer and dancer. When she   was (7)                            , she took up dancing instead of   (8)

                      like other peers, which was quite expensive. She was offered a free place at Knightwell Stage school for (9)                      for her beautiful performance in the school audition. She also succeeded   in the singing competition in her final year and this made her to set her heart on becoming a (10)                    . Although things were hard at the beginning, she has managed to build up her career and she is going to release her first CD with a blues band.

SECTION 2: Listen to three people describing the films they like and answer question 1 to 10 by either giving short answer of no more than three words or deciding whether the given statement is True (T) or False (F).

Speaker 1

1. What is her favorite movie style?                                                                 .

2. What is the title of the movie that she is talking about?                                                                 .

3. The boy’s father and brother disapprove of his becoming a dancer but they change their minds when seeing him dance. T/F

Speaker 2

1. What is his favorite movie style?                                                              

2. Who plays the role of James Bond in recent films series?                                                          

3. James Bond is described as a cool-headed and self-assured man involved in some hair-raising adventures.T/F

Speaker 3

1. What kind of movies does he like?                                                                 

2. Where does he like the movie to be set?                                                            

3. The main character in Blade Runner is a police officer. T/F

The genetically-engineered robots, known as replicants, look exactly like human beings. T/F 


I. Vocabulary and Grammar

a. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) which best completes each of the sentences by circling A, B, C or D and then write your answers in the box below.

1. According to a recent survey, most people are on good                      with their neighbors.

A. relations                          B. acquaintance                       C. relationships                       D. terms

2. She acted as if she                      a clown before.

A. has never seen                B. not saw                               C. wouldn’t see                        D. had never seen

3. It’s about time                      care of yourself.

A. you took                         B. you take                              C. to taking                             D. when I saw

4. He found                      to answer all the questions within the time given

A. that impossible                 B. it impossible                        C. it impossibly                      D. that impossibly

5. I can’t stop surfing the internet. I’ve been                      on it since I bought my computer.

A. addicted                         B. hooked                               C. fixed                                   D. enslaved

6. It was hard to                               the temptation to watch the late night show even though I was so tired.

A. defy                                            B. refuse                                  C. resist                                   D. oppose

7. The realization of our holiday plans has had to be                                 because of my mother’s sudden illness.

A. prevented                        B. shelved                               C. expired                               D. lingered

8. Don’t be angry with Sue. All that she did was in good                              .

A. hope                                B. belief                                  C. idea                                     D. faith

9. I think we can rely on Mr. Bronson’s advice. I’ve known him ages and I have already found out he has got excellent                                      in modern art.

A. fashion                            B. intelligence                         C. taste                                    D. feeling

10. We were lucky the taxi arrived without any                               . Otherwise we wouldn’t have arrived in time for our train.

A. pause                               B. delay                                   C. assure                                  D. declare

11. When I applied for my passports, I had to send my birth                  with the application.

A. proof                               B. certificate                           C. paper                                   D. document

12. We couldn’t stay long, so we only wished Mark many happy                            of his birthday and hurried to the airport.

A. days                                B. returns                                C. moments                             D. regards

13. A young tourist has been declared                            after he got lost in the mountains last Monday.

A. absent                             B. deserter                               C. missing                               D. vanished

14. Michael was                            with anger when he saw his car had been scratched.

A. stored                              B. fixed                                   C. loaded                                D. filled

15. The schoolboy’s excuse wasn’t                             at all. Nobody in the classroom believed in the far- fetched story he told.

A. credential                        B. credible                               C. creditable                            D. credulous

16. It’s not easy to make Stanley furious, the boy is very gentle by                           .

A. himself                            B. personality                          C. reaction                               D. nature

17. My supervisor is angry with me. I didn’t do all the work that I                          last week.

A. should have done              B. need to have done              C. may have done          D. must have done

18. You have managed to bungle every task I’ve given you so far.                      , I’m preparing to give you one last chance.

A. regardless                   B. furthermore                            C. nevertheless                 D. notwithstanding

19. But for their help, he                     .

A. would have failed         B. has failed                          C. has not failed          D. wouldn’t have failed

20. I really can’t                      the twins apart. They look so alike.

A. say                                  B. talk                                     C. take                                     D. tell

b, Supply the correct form of the words in capital letters.


It seems                       (1-THINK) today not to provide children with    a decent                (2-EDUCATE). There is such an emphasis on academic                     (3 – ACHIEVE) these days that it’s easy to forget what a problem                          (4-LITERATE) used to be. Being unable to read can   be intensely                   (5 – EMBARRASS) and can make someone feel like   a complete                       (6-FAIL). Someone who can’t read  is  often                                (7-UNDERSTAND)  afraid  of  certain  situations.  The  problem   can     seem                    (8-SOLVE).  However,  given  the  right  teacher,  a  lot  of  hard  work   and  a                   (9- REASON)  amount  of  time,  anyone  can  learn.  Being  able  to  read  can  lead     to  an                       (10- IMPROVE) quality of life

c, Circle the underlined part in each sentence (marked A, B, C or D) that needs correcting and correct the mistakes.

1. Although a number of police officers was guarding the priceless treasures in the museum, the director A worried that someone would try to steal them.                            A                                              B                                         C                                                                                                    D

2. Laser treatment isn’t always effective and chemotherapy isn’t neither.

                 A                                 B                     C                  D

3. One of the primary cause of road accidents is driving after drinking.

        A                          B              C                   D

4. Dams are used to control flooding, provide water for irrigation, and generating electricity for the surrounding area.

                         A        B                                               C                D

5. Nutritionists believe what diet affects how one feels physically and emotionally.

                        A        B                           C     D
d. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. If we don’t hurry, all the tickets (1- sell)                out by the time we get there.
  2. It is crucial that Dido (2- stop)                using our music in her performance.
  3. The vase broke when it (3 - move)                 to other room.
  4. Had it not been for your help, we               (4-be)  in big trouble now.
  5. When I entered his room, I saw him (5 – sleep)                 in a chair.
  6. Hardly he (6-take)             up the book when the phone (7-ring)                .
  7. He resented (8-ask)                  (9-wait). He had expected the minister to see him at once.
  8. I’d rather you (10- not tell)                    her the truth.

e. Fill the gap in each sentence below with a suitable particle or preposition.

  1. Is Peter at the party? No, but I’m sure he turn                      soon.
  2. Don’t eat that sausage. I think it’s gone                 .
  3. When they were cleaning out the attic, they came                their grandmother’s old school books.
  4. Dave’s parents were very disappointed when he dropped              University.
  5. The actor waited for the laughter to die                before continuing.


a. Read the following passage and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space. Write your answers in the box below.


If you are about to graduate from school or college this summer and feel in need of a little advice about what’s important in life, you could do a lot worse than consider the words of      (1)       that were read out on my last day at school.Do not expect to understand the value of your youth until it has      (2)      . But you can be sure that      thirty years from now you’ll           (3)           back on life and            (4)           just how good things were. Try not to worry about the future – or at least be aware that worrying never really helps to solve anything. Real troubles will always sneak up and       (5)        you by surprise. But remember it doesn’t do any      harm to do something that scares you every so often. Do not lie and cheat – especially in love – and do not         (6)         up with people who deceive you. Do  not let opportunities pass you by, as the time to do things simply runs         (7)                         . Today is almost certainly more important than tomorrow. It helps to  be kind             (8)       your neighbors and colleagues – it’s nice and they’ll   miss     you when you’re  not          (9)      .  Friends  come  and  go  but  there  are  a  precious  few  that  you  should  try  an (10)           on to. Without quality friends, quality time is harder to come by.


1. A. knowledge

B. learning

C. opinion

D. wisdom

2. A. gone

B. been

C. lasted

D. spent

3. A. come

B. look

C. think

D. go

4. A. remind

B. rethink

C. recall

D. reappear

5. A. get

B. happen

C. appear

D. take

6. A. look

B. come

C. put

D. bring

7. A. out

B. down

C. off

D. over

8. A. about

B. to

C. with

D. for

9. A. in

B. around

C. with

D. over


10. A. take


B. hold

C. stay

D. stick

b.Read the following passage and fill each numbered blank with ONE suitable word. Write your answers in the box below.

Speech is one of the   most important                      (1) of communicating. It consists of far more    than just making noises. To talk and also to be                       (2) by other people, we have to speak a language, that is, we have to  use combinations                            (3)   sounds that everyone agrees stand for particular    object or idea. Communication would be impossible if everyone made up their own language.

                   (1) a language properly  is very  important.   The basis                       (4) of English  is  not very large, and only                  (6)  200 words are needed to speak it quite well. But    the more words you know, the more ideas you can                           (7) and the more precise you can be about their exact meaning.

Words are the                     (8) things we use in communicating what we want to   say. The                      (9) we say the words is also very important. Our tone of voice can express many emotions and                            (10) whether we are pleased or angry, for instance.

c. Read the passage below carefully and do the tasks below.


You are going to read an article about a warden working for a conservation organization. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits  each gap (1-6).

The National Trust is an organization whose aim is to conserve the British countryside. Gill Page visits the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales and talks to one of the wardens employed by the Trust to look after the beautiful areas it owns.

Common sense. (1)                .  "And  you  definitely  need  to  good  at  handling  people, because you're continually dealing with farmers, visitors, conservationists and building firms."

(2)              . About 80 people applied for the post as National Trust Warden for the Lleyn Peninsula. In the end, Gareth's local knowledge and farming experience won him the job, despite his lack of formal training.

"I find it particularly helpful that I still farm with my parents and that I can deal with farmers on the same level and be aware of their problems. (3)                        . His farming life also means he is well able to cope with the physical demands of the job - erecting fences, planting trees, building walls.

Since he has been with the Trust, Gareth says he has come to understand more about nature conservation. "When I was a youngster," he recalls, "I used to pick and press flowers, collect butterfly larvae and old birds' nests.